10 Healthy Travel Tips From TBYH Experts

Move and strengthen within your natural range of motion

We’ve all been there… stuck at an airport, starving, and fast food restaurants as far as the eye can see. But it’s not just the food dilemma, traveling can pose a whole lot of challenges for someone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sleep, food, comfort during transit and freedom to choose not to partake in certain standard procedures can all make travel more stressful. Here are some of our best tips for healthier, more comfortable travel. 

1. Plan and Prepare

“You may have heard the saying “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.” This is so true when it comes to preplanning your trip. This can mean keeping a running list of everything you’ll need to pack in order to be prepared, to planning your meetings, travel, hotel and more.

The more you pre plan the less stressful, chaotic and the more prepared you’ll be for your upcoming trip. I’m a big fan of keeping lists so one strategy that works for me is to keep my list of essentials in my suitcase or travel bag. When it’s time to pack, I use the list and feel comfortable knowing I’m packing everything I’ll need.” – Debi Silber, Take Back Your Health™ Conference Speaker and Founder of Lifestyle Fitness, Inc.

2. Stretch and Keep Moving

“Stretch! A long day on a plane or in the car can make you stiff and will set you up for pain throughout your trip. Take your stretching/walking routine with you. Don’t worry about what people think about you in the airport – sit down and do some stretches while waiting for your flight – they even have yoga rooms popping up in some airports including San Francisco, Heathrow and Chicago O’Hare.” – Robin Shirley, TBYH Founder

3. Pack Snacks

“My tip for road trips is to have apples, carrot sticks, and grapefruit slices to munch on. Chewing/chomping on fresh produce helps stress relief, keeps you hydrated, and keeps your digestive system active.

It is no fun to be on a road trip with a sluggish digestive system, and after sitting for a few hours your gut tends to stagnate. And without healthy and hydrating foods within hand’s reach you might end up desperately pulling into a drive through. Yuck!” – Courtney Bell, Take Back Your Health™ Conference Speaker and Founder of Yoga Current

For some higher fat or protein content, try these snacks: olives, seaweed sheets, pistachios, sardines, jerky, trail mix or Lara bars.

4. Get Better Sleep

Sleep while you’re on vacation can be really difficult to manage – especially if you’re going into different time zones or feeling pressure to perform for work commitments. A few things that can make a big difference are ear plugs, sound machines, and keeping your room very dark at night – cover all the clocks and wireless lights with towels and draw the curtains tight.

“One thing I keep meaning to do is bring a mini nightlight to put in the bathroom so we don’t screw up our pineal glands by turning on the crazy-bright bathroom light in the night.” – Jessica Haney, Editor of Mindful Healthy Life

5. Coffee And Tea Solutions

“I love packing a baggie of my favorite herbal teas. I bring Peppermint for a pick-me-up or tummy troubles, Ginger is great for tummies as well, I love Vanilla Rooibos, Honey Lavender and Lemon tea as well. Just be sure to watch out for the added “natural flavors”! You can always find hot water on the plane or you can hit up a coffee kiosk.” – Cindy Santa Ana, Take Back Your Health™ Conference Speaker and Health Coach at Unlock Better Health

Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee – I know, I know, this instant coffee is not the type that I’d regularly be drinking at home, as I prefer to brew fresh organic coffee from organic coffee beans (Larry’s Beans brand is my favorite!). But, this instant version is a mess-free option that is perfect for when you are in a hotel room or somewhere else where there are no organic options. It also tastes surprisingly good and has just one ingredient – Organic coffee!

You can find it here on Amazon, or any natural food store” – Vani Hari, Take Back Your Health™ Conference Speaker and Founder of FoodBabe.com

6. Get An Energy Boost

“There’s nothing worse than feeling sluggish when you’re traveling. Everyone seems to have thyroid and adrenal fatigue these days, brought on by stress, diet, and autoimmune disease. A great way to balance your thyroid function and encourage a healthy immune system – I’ve discovered the all-natural Ashwagandha root.

Known to help balance hormones, whether you have hypo or hyper thyroid issues, Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic superstar.

Having gone through thyroid cancer and now on Armor thyroid meds to replace my thyroid function, I’m always up and down like a yo-yo. So far, 2 capsules a day of Ashwagandha has been helping me stay balanced.” – Stacy Johnson, Take Back Your Health™ Exhibitor and Founder of AlohaStacia

7. How To Deal With Food Allergies

More and more restaurants are adding gluten-free and vegan options to their menu. However, it’s likely that something might sneak onto your plate.

“As far as allergies/sensitivities I always bring multi purpose digestive enzymes with me. These enzymes are designed to breakdown certain types of food like gluten, lactose and other foods that can trigger a sensitivity.” Dr. Stephane Provencher, Take Back Your Health™ Exhibitor and Founder of Gainesville Holistic Health Center

8. Stay Grounded

“On the plane, I take off my shoes and keep my feet on the metal bar that’s under the seat in front of you. That bar is attached to the ground of the plane – helps keep you grounded while in flight.” – Helen Driscoll, Take Back Your Health™ Conference Speaker

You can also look for a patch of grass or sand where you are staying – walk barefoot or sit down on the earth for a bit. Soak up the earth’s grounding hydrogen atoms.

9. Bring These Essential Plane Comforts

“I always carry arnica, lavender and boswellia essential oils, travel socks and eyeshades. Also noise reduction headphones.” – Sheila Wrede, Take Back Your Health™ Retreat Attendee and Founder of Wellness Becomes You

10. Hydrate With Safe Water

“Toxin-free drinking water is really important to me, so I avoid tap water at all costs. I always make it a priority to get a supply of Mountain Valley Spring water from a local health food store as soon as I arrive.

Hydration keeps your digestion moving and energy levels up. By the way, if your digestion stops, which is so common during travel, I keep Intestinal Movement Formula by Healthforce Nutritionals on hand.” – Robin Shirley, TBYH Founder

“Many people go hours and hours without drinking water while traveling. Hydration is critical to your overall health and energy levels. Bring a full bottle of water to the airport and drink it before you go through security. Then refill it before you get on the plane and finish it before you land.” – Julia, Take Back Your Health™ Conference Exhibitor and team member at FATCO Skincare.


What are your tips for healthy travel? Share your ideas below for all to benefit!


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