Habits That Create Happiness with Andrea Beaman

Her joy for life Is infectious!

Andrea Beaman is a long-time favorite speaker at Take Back Your Health™ conferences and is now co-leading some of our retreats! Andrea is an herbalist, author, health coach, chef, and expert in healing thyroid and adrenal conditions.

Andrea is full of contagious, joyful energy and we wanted to find out what her secret is! We took some time to ask her about her own journey to health and what some of her favorite healthy habits are.

Did you ever struggle with finding happiness?

Yes, of course! When I was a teenager and young adult in my 20’s, I struggled with depression. I used a LOT of drugs and alcohol during that time. But, it didn’t help.

My depression was due to feeling lost in the world. Not knowing who I was and what I was doing with my life.

What I’ve found is that meditation helps, as well as clean air, sunshine and exercise. Also, being out in nature always seems to help me find peace and clarity. The birds aren’t depressed. The squirrels aren’t depressed. They are doing the things they are supposed to be doing, so there is no time for wallowing, and no time for depression.

I think depression is a human trait, and it comes when we have lost sight of who we are and what we are doing in the world. Find something inside that is calling to you, and do that thing; read an inspirational book, paint, draw, sing, dance, stretch, run, walk, sit…

Where do you go to recharge and be inspired?

OUTSIDE!! I never feel recharged or inspired after sitting in front of the computer all day. Recharging happens when I connect to the cycles and the seasons, nature and the earth.

Learn more about Andrea at www.AndreaBeaman.com and join us for a retreat: www.TakeBackYourHealthRetreats.com!

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