What is Zero Balancing Therapy?

Learn more about this form of body-mind therapy

Zero Balancing has been growing in popularity since its founding 50 years ago. It is commonly paired with other “light touch” healing modalities. The Zero Balancing Touch Foundation describes it as:

“A transformational touch therapy addressing tension patterns in the bones, joints and other soft tissues. These tension patterns are those often subconscious ways we hold our bodies that are contributing to pain, limitation and suffering.”

The gentle touch of Zero Balancing reminds the client’s inner wisdom to directly influence the body’s energy flow, encouraging more energy to where it is needed most. 

What is a Zero Balancing Session Like?

Zero balancing combines gentle tissue manipulation with energy direction. At the beginning of treatment, the therapist discusses problem areas with the patient. They decide together what the primary goals of their sessions should be. 

In every session, the patient remains fully clothed and reclines on a massage table. For the next 30-40 minutes, the therapist applies gentle pressure to areas of held tension. The focus is always on “bone-held” energy rather than connective tissue. 

This process enables the patient’s energy to flow more freely throughout the whole body. Afterwards, the therapist will discuss best practices for the patient to maintain the healing achieved in the session.

The Origins of Zero Balancing

Dr. Fritz Smith developed Zero Balancing in the 1970s as a body-mind therapy. As an osteopathic physician and surgeon, Dr. Smith studied Western medicine. His approach shifted after he met leaders of the body-mind therapy movement at the Esalen Institute

He started to study Eastern medicine and completed a master’s degree in acupuncture. The combination of Western and Eastern medical training guided his approach to healing as he developed the Zero Balancing technique. He remains as the founder of Zero Balancing and educates his students to promote and teach this healing modality.

Zero Balancing Benefits

Karla Moffet, a licensed massage therapist and Zero Balancing practitioner in Virginia, shared these benefits of Zero Balancing:

  • Increases feelings of health and well-being
  • Releases stress
  • Improves energy flow
  • Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Amplifies our sense of connection, peace, and happiness
  • Supports us through transitions
  • Improves quality of life

For many, a Zero Balancing session achieves a deep state of mind that is like meditation. It can lead to some emotional and mental healing.

Zero Balancing Practitioners Near Me

If you would like to try Zero Balancing, visit www.zerobalancing.com to find a practitioner. You can also connect with Karla and other bodyworkers through our new Take Back Your Health Directory! Visit www.directory.tbyhguide.com and scroll down to the “Bodyworkers” category.

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Primary Source: www.zerobalancing.com


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