Mitochondrial Healing with Near Infrared Saunas

A conversation with Brian Richards, SaunaSpace founder

Brian Richards is the creator and founder of the wildly popular sauna company, SaunaSpace. They have revolutionized the sauna industry, creating the world’s most healing sauna. Here is more from Brian:

“Through my own experiences I know that natural healing is more effective and less risky than any conventional medical offerings. Why would you not do the safer, more effective natural solution first?”

Why did you start a business making saunas?

I suffered from health problems for years, which lead me on a tireless quest to heal myself naturally. After finding Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D.’s work, I realized that my health issues were the result of our toxic environment and a poor industrial diet.

Dr. Wilson advocates near infrared lamp sauna therapy as the most effective and gentle method for achieving full-body detoxification.

But I had a problem. No quality sauna of this kind existed on the market. So, I built my own. Within months I’d fully recovered from my health issues, which lead me on my now 5-year SaunaSpace journey to develop the best sauna ever.

My goal with creating SaunaSpace is to empower others to take back their health through safe and effective natural healing.

Why is NEAR INFRARED Light Therapy so important for healing?

The best technology emulates nature. Unfortunately, most technologies fail to do so. Most saunas on the market only deliver heat, and are often sources of dangerously high EMF emissions. The minority that also offer light therapy do so by installing LEDs, which emit pixilated, artificial, monochromatic light.

In comparison, at SaunaSpace, we build our saunas to deliver the ideal combination of natural light and heat for full-body rejuvenation and healing.

We use incandescent lamps because they’re very low-EMF and the only man-made, full-spectrum light source. Our Near Infrared Lamp Saunas emulate the sun to provide you with the heat and light our bodies were evolutionarily designed to receive.

Life on earth is sustained by the sun’s full-spectrum, incandescent light. The vital power of the sun, as well as our SaunaSpace Tungsten Lamps, lies in the alliance of heat and light.

While heat stimulates our natural detoxification pathways, light (particularly red and near infrared light) activates cellular healing and anti-aging systems in our mitochondria.

The near infrared lamp sauna activates deep cellular detoxification and anti-aging/epigenetic repair for your whole body.

Disease is a burden we need not bear, and it’s not something we are stuck with, as conventional medicine tries to make us believe.

What should someone look for in a sauna when considering purchasing one for home use?

You want the near infrared lamp technology, as it’s the safest and most effective. Beyond that, it’s all about the space in which you sauna:

  • You want natural material construction to avoid off-gassing,
  • Purpose-driven, convenient design, and
  • Durability that ensures years of enjoyable and effective use.

Also, make sure to put your sauna in a convenient location to facilitate disciplined, frequent use.

What is your advice to someone just beginning the healing journey?

Eat a natural human diet, develop positive healthy lifestyle habits like good sleep and loving relationships, and do near infrared lamp sauna daily to regenerate your body and combat the modern world’s toxic onslaught.

Learn more about the Luminati™ Sauna here and the Faraday Sauna here.

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