How to Have a Strong Immune System During a Pandemic

How to prepare the body for anything!

How to Have a Strong Immune System During a Pandemic

It was our honor to have Cilla Whatcott back for a second Safe Haven Fireside Chat! We continued our conversation about the impact of the COVID vaccines, transmission, and the mental stress of the pandemic. She gave us practical tips for protecting our immunity and improving our health. You can read Part I of our conversation with Cilla here: “COVID Injection Questions Answered: Ingredients, Shedding and Side Effects”.

About Cilla Whatcott, Producer of the Real Immunity Documentary Series

Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom, CCH, PhD is a board-certified classical homeopath with a PhD in Homeopathy. Cilla is the producer and director of the Real Immunity documentary film series.  The documentary explores the intelligence of life and how we can access the resources we have to build authentic immunity. Since 2008, she has administered homeoprophylaxis to over 5,000 children and adults. 

She has been working to provide immune support solutions and hope to those navigating the COVID pandemic. You can learn more about her work at

Navigating Concerns about COVID Variants

One of the biggest concerns on everyone’s mind now is how to navigate the COVID variants. Some feel that the vaccine is the best way to protect against these variants. But, that approach may be too targeted to strengthen overall immunity.

How Viruses Mutate

Cilla explained that viruses mutate by nature. Each mutation can become more transmissible, because it has succeeded in surviving the first attempt to stop it. But, each mutation may also become weaker, because it has already suffered blows. Thus, the mutations adapt to resist a very specific type of attack.

When a virus or infection is targeted with a specific solution, it encourages the infection to shoot out in other ways. This is why chemotherapy patients can develop new forms of cancer, or those on antibiotics may catch new infections. The selective pressure applied to one point of the body leaves the rest of the body open to attack. Meanwhile, the specific attack on the infection weakens it, but does not kill it. This is what has happened with COVID and the vaccines.

How Natural Immunity Works

Catching and fighting off the virus naturally helps build natural immunity. This immunity is very broad in scope. It can keep someone safer from the original virus and its variants. This aids in how a community achieves herd immunity. 

Preparing to Receive the COVID Vaccine

Another question we hear is: what if I have to get the vaccine or plan to get it? How do I prepare my body?

Cilla prefaced her answer by reminding our community of our right to defend our health freedom. She then offered solutions we can start implementing today.

Strengthen Your Terrain

Cilla offered these practical steps to strengthen your body’s terrain. These things can help us better handle the physical stress of either the COVID virus or vaccine. They can also help our bodies be more resilient before any medical procedure, or even just while handling all life’s ups and downs!

  1. Stay in the moment: “Anything you can do to keep focused in the moment matters,” Cilla said. By staying in the moment, you keep yourself centered on reality and give yourself a break from fear. Fear leads us to make rash decisions. Being in the present helps us focus on the positive and do what we can to improve our current reality. Looking ahead too much causes us to be preoccupied with potential fears in the future.
  2. Take your immunity-boosting vitamins: Vitamin D and Zinc* are especially important. They protect and strengthen our immune systems. It is a good idea to test your Vitamin D levels to understand how much you should be taking. Cilla recommends this at-home test: Vitamin C and Vitamin A can also help strengthen your internal reserves.
  3. Focus on clean food and quality sleep: Eat clean, organic food. Try juicing if you can. And make sure you are getting enough restorative sleep. These simple things can remove threats to your immunity. Anything that takes a toll on your body, like toxic chemicals, unhealthy foods, and exhaustion, can leave you more vulnerable.
  4. Nurture good relationships: Emotional pain wears the body down, while good relationships can strengthen it. So, hold on to the relationships that matter to you. Nurture the good relationships you have and tell the people you love how much you care about them. Distance yourself or take a break from people who are not respecting your health and your feelings. Once things calm down or you are in a better place, you can revisit those relationships and work on repairing them if desired.

By going back to basics to strengthen your body’s terrain, you will be able to handle the potential side effects of both the virus and the vaccine.

Handling the Worry and Stress of the Pandemic

One final thing we discussed with Cilla that we want to share with you is how to handle the worry and stress of the pandemic. Whether it’s strained relationships, the news, job fears, or health scares, most of us have experienced increased anxiety. This can wear on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Cilla explained:

When we have anxiety, we seek direction. Free-floating anxiety is extremely uncomfortable, so we seek out direction. The more precise the direction, the more comforting it is.

This is why it is critical to seek this direction in the right places.

As members of communities, we cannot cut ourselves off from everything that is happening. But, we do not need to be plugged in at all times. Cilla and Robin Shirley, founder of Take Back Your Health, discussed the importance of taking breaks.

They recommended listening to the information, then stepping away from it. Take time to think it over while engaging in activities that feed your soul and energize you. This can help you listen to your intuition. 

If something starts to stand out or you feel convicted about a certain truth, then explore it. You may start to find peace in that direction. But, if you never take time away to sort through everything you hear, you can get confused. Then, others can determine your direction.

“This is a really hard time. We have to stand up for our own safety and health,” Cilla concluded.

Holding on to Hope and Finding Help

As the world becomes more confused and divided, we need to work hard to hold on to hope. We can stay connected to communities that share truth by tuning into programs like The High Wire or future Safe Haven chats. Most important of all, we can be sure we stay true to ourselves.

For more direct solutions to health concerns, related to the virus, vaccine, or otherwise, Cilla and her team are available for consultations and support. You can schedule an appointment with Real Immunity here:

You can also stay connected with Cilla and her efforts through her email newsletter. Sign up at her website,

We thank Cilla again for sharing her wisdom with our community to help us keep taking back our health!


We want to remind you that Take Back Your Health™ is not a medical authority!  We create spaces for our communities to share health concerns and find resources to aid their health journeys.  In the SAFE HAVEN Fireside Chat series, we invite experts to share about their areas of research or experience.  

We encourage you to consult with these experts or other professionals before applying the advice to your situation.  Additionally, links throughout this article intend to define difficult concepts. They are not explicitly recommended sources for information.


* It is possible to take too much Zinc. Too much can cause stomach pain and vomiting. Take it with food, and if you experience those symptoms, decrease your dosage.

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